Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sally Morgan reveals sex change from the afterlife...

This blog usually concerns itself with faith matters but occasionally will delve into other nonsensical recipes from time to time. Hence the title of course.

Jack of Kent wrote a blog today reporting on the latest libel nonsense which looks likely to hit the courts any time soon. Who is the purveyor of such threats?

None other than Sally Morgan... one of those alleged psychics.

Perhaps her guide should have told her not to wear than horrendous blouse? There is nothing to look smug about Sally... it's a horrendous top. But what do I know about fashion eh? [nothing]

Anyway, Jack of Kent reports:

"There is a statement on Morgan's official Facebook page:

"On behalf of Sally Morgan we would like to confirm that Sally Morgan has instructed Graham Atkins of Atkins Thomson to commence libel action in relation to press allegations that she is a cheat, following her show in Dublin. Thank you for your support and patience in this matter. Sally Morgan Management Team."

Ok, so it looks like Sally has taken exception to being called a cheat. Project Barnum has provided the relevant links so I won't repeat them here... but the webpage provides a very fair and reasonable account of the situation and does not call Sally a cheat and even offers to arrange some independent tests for Sally. A very gracious and kind offer.

I foresee that she won't take the offer up. Does this mean that if she doesn't I am psychic? Maybe I am missing out on not charging £1.53 per minute for people to listen to nonsense too?

Project Barnum's writer(s) said...

"we would like to point out that the burden of proof is with Sally to prove that she is able to communicate with the dead because as it stands there is no evidence to support the notion that she can"

Because libel proceedings have been issued this is no longer the case thanks to Britain's crazy libel laws. 

Here's a video of Sally in action:

To me, "Lynne" and her mate "Debbie" looked like actresses. I don't have any proof... but they looked like actresses. Or paid up. Or idiots. 

But I have to provide balance... here is Sally getting it right on the money with absolutely no allegations of impropriety form me whatsoever...

Yup, you got it... she was talking to the person in the photograph who said that their name was Bernard...corrected by the woman in the audience whose photograph it was who then proclaimed... "that's my Nan".

Sex change in the afterlife? Sally roots 'em all out! Go team Sally!

So, on the evidence I have before me I won't say that Sally is a cheat. Or a fraud. Or bent. Or a shyster.

She's just crap.


Anonymous said...

Looks like stand up comedy for thick people.

vjohn82 said...


Adam Timberley said...

I think she is rubbish too :)

barndad said...

Nursie: That ain't my real name.
Queenie: Isn't it?
Nursie: No.
Queenie: No, what is your real name then?
Nursie: Bernard.
Queenie: Suits you, actually.

Rant In A-Minor said...

The more I think about "Bernard Morgan", the more I really like the idea ... if it weren't for the fact that, my partner is trans-gender, a friend at work is trans-gender, and Sally Morgan would be rejected by the TG community for making them feel like freaks ... :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot and will not comment on the power of her second sight, but I would suggest she gets her eyes tested as the face in the photograph was obviously female.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Flint, is or was a QVC and shopping channel presenter so you wouldn't have to be psychic to know her name at all !!

vjohn82 said...

Good shout!

Anonymous said...

I see Sally Morgan is in the news again, see link below: