Legal Notice

Most of what is written here is ironic and therefore most likely humorous.

If you are unhappy with anything I write here you need to contact me at first before seeking legal advice and incurring legal costs. This is part of the normal pre-action protocol with respect to defamation claims. I always offer a right of reply too.

Aren't I nice?

However, if you fail to demonstrate why anything I have written is plainly false then the information shall remain in its entirety.

If you then decide to take legal action you do so at your own risk. And if you do so you're probably an idiot because the truth is a full defence to libel claims even if you could prove malice.

But I'm not malicious. Ask my wife.

Actually don't do that... I need a "good" character reference. Consistent farting in bed, picking my nose, spending too much money on shit we don't need, spending time in the gym instead of watching some shite film on  TV snuggled on the sofa, failing to take into account monthly needs and general tomfoolery getting me into legal problems means I have used up my brownie points... errrrr... soooo

Ask Chris McGrath instead of McG Productions Limited fame and author of The Attempted Murder of God available at Amazon, all good bookstores and from his own stash under his bed.