Welcome to The Faith Fruitcake

Yes, welcome. This is a blog which discusses faith (mainly in Britain) as I have been personally affected (or is that infected?) by religion over the course of my life in varying degrees.

Most recently it is the decision of one person, and his company, to take me to court for libel. If you are reading this blog it's probably because you have read the libel blog.

However this blog will look at faith based issues and generally take the piss. Why? Because if I was a militant Atheist I might be burning the pious at the stake just like they burned heretics in the past*. Wait, that almost sounds like a good idea... until you consider the effect on global warming.

Oh well, logic, reason, rationality and a heavy dose of irony will have to do!

This blog also keeps track of Victor "I'm a lawyer" Zammit who entertains with his Friday Afterlife Report.

*A.C. Grayling writes that the charges of militant atheism are pronounced by theists; he states that "when the boot was on their foot they burned us at the stake. All we're doing is speaking very frankly and bluntly and they don't like it."