Saturday, 7 May 2011

BNP Councillor accuses constituents of murder

Original post by Martyn Findley here

Accusing those who disagree with his politics of murder by assent is probably not one the better ways to go about representing your constituents.

Do these people never think before posting such ignorant remarks?

Evolution is a fact; it's also fact that natural selection doesn't always work how one would expect. Whether this guy was created from weak sperm or perhaps his mother sat down at the last moment, I'm not quite sure.

The BNP used to be a party people hated; now they are a party people like to laugh at. With comments like those from Martyn Findley, it's comedy gold.

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Rant In A-Minor said...

He is right in one respect, though - I *did* learn something, as his byline promises ...

I learned that he is raving, tossbag lunatic whose muppetry reaches epic levels of thick-headed stupidity.

And I got all that from the front page ... I couldn't bear to read further.