Friday, 9 September 2011

God hates everyone

According to Jared Olar "natural disasters, plagues, famines, military defeats and incompetent or corrupt government are divine punishment"...

He also states that "Now, some of us have the silly idea that because we today have a much better understanding of how the weather works or where disease comes from, that means calamities can’t be divine punishment. That makes as much sense as saying that our increased understanding of biology means God didn’t create life."

Then "However, it’s also an oversimplification at best to see each and every bad thing that happens as a manifestation of God’s wrath as a direct or immediate expression of his will."


"Regrettably, many people who experience or witness calamity are too hasty to assign a meaning to it. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, wildfires, terrorist attacks, wars and rumors of wars … from the Christian perspective, yes, any of those things could be divine punishment for sin. But it’s presumptuous to make an assured pronouncement to that effect — not unless God has personally told you so (and odds are, he hasn’t and won’t)."

And so the circle is complete. 

He has effectively argued nothing at all. If I may have a god at putting his article into a more concise statement...

"God sends down from the heavens punishments galore to chastise his creation; don't let science fool you into thinking that it's an inconvenient truth that hurricanes do not decimate towns in Britain where corruption is rife or that famines do not happen in Italy where corruption is expected... that would introduce facts into the debate which I just cannot have. 

No, no, no... god definitely does all of these things. 

But don't be silly in thinking everything is god's wrath. No, this is would be ridiculous. God is lovely when he is not being an utter cunt. No, instead natural disasters happen all the time. It's just you won't know when it's god because he won't tell you. And even if he did personally tell you I would doubt it because that would be empirically impossible to prove and make you look like one of them backwater hillbillies who claim to have been anally probed by aliens* and give the reasonable, logical religious people a bad name. 

What you need to do as a Christian is be rational and just blame any natural disaster you see fit on the wrath of god and put it down to a demonstration his omnipotence whenever the feeling strikes you without a single shred of evidence. Be creative. Only then can you be a truly rational and reasonable person of faith by telling the lies, that god caused [insert event] to people you comfort  to make you sound theologically relevant (even if god hasn't told you and chances are he hasn't and won't... errr... ever)."

There, I think that sums up Jared's article pretty well. God clearly hates everyone otherwise why would there be any need to punish the innocent? And innocent lives are always lost regardless of the "fall of man" position taken in these matters which is used to explain everything from language to why there are different races.

Just don't let facts cloud your pious mind... god has a plan... even if you don't know what it is, can't explain it or have no evidence for that position. Best leave it to the priests eh?

* Yes, I have a fascination at present with alien anal probing. Don't ask me why, it might frighten the children.

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