Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gettin' rid of t'cross

Faith is on the menu again this week with Christian Concern spoiling another broth. This time, the anger is over the removal of a cross from a Christian Charity.

Andrea Williams will no doubt feature more often on here in the future because she is priceless.

I think my new nickname for her is going to be 'Kuato'... that protruding fella from Total Recall

Anyway, the story goes that a Christian Charity wanted to make itself more inclusive by removing overt references to Christianity. The story gained traction because it was discussed as part of an employment tribunal case for Tony Williams who was selected for redundancy. The Telegraph report says:

"Angela Painter, the chief executive of the Kenward Trust, said Mr Williams had been selected for redundancy because he had performed badly at interview.

Mrs Painter denied the Christian ethos of the charity had been diluted. “One of the things we know from our service users was that at times a very obvious big cross can trigger the memory of abuse in a Christian setting which would be upsetting,” she said."

"The tribunal found that Mr Williams had been “fairly selected for redundancy” and that he was not discriminated against because of his religious beliefs. He was ordered to pay £500 in costs."

So, in other words, Tony needed to perform at a certain standard and was offered a chance to save his job; he was crap, so they made him redundant. However, he wanted to get the last word in and criticised his ex-employers by claiming "religious discrimination". Not only was his case chucked out, he was spanked for costs too. Usually, there is a good reason you receive a costs order against you... I'll say no more.

Kuato was all over this like a fly around shit.

On her blog she wrote:

"Only this week I learned that a large cross was removed from the entrance lobby of a UK Christian charity, in order not to offend others.

Increasingly, it seems that Christian beliefs are allowed to be held ‘in principle’ but cannot be manifested in public. Attempts to stop any public display of the cross are a small but telling part of this dynamic.

Scripture warns us that the cross is an ‘offence’. Yet removing the cross from the public square is not going to negate his victory or stop his return. What was accomplished on the cross stands for ever.

We serve an incredible God."

Anyone else know what Kuato is on about? I'm sure there was a strawman, a red herring and then something about the rapture... 

It seems like Kuato was almost making a threat? 

You know, Jesus is coming back and when he realises that you have removed from public view the instrument of torture which led to his death he isn't going to be happy! 

But earlier in Kuato's blog she said:

"Sadly, this news by no means shocked me. It sits within a wider narrative of attempts to remove the cross (and the Christian faith) from the public square – attempts made by both secularists and Islamists on an increasing basis."

Er, does she realise that the case she was angry about concerned a decision made by the head of the Christian charity and not those damn Islamists and secularists? Fruitcake.

Kuato is also helping out some bird with a face like a bag of spanners... a case I reported on in this blog's previous life.

However, the fun doesn't stop in Kuato Land; the Christian Concern website is a treasure trove of ignorant bollocks dressed up as "concerns".

Under the heading "Islam" their concerns are as follows:

"The influence of radical Islam is growing in the UK and as an ideology it seeks to shape our political and social landscape. From the introduction of Sharia law and Islamic finance to the implications on freedom of speech and women’s rights, the presence of Islamism in the UK has great repercussions for all of us."

Replace 'Islam' with 'Christian' and "women's rights" with "gay rights"... then hopefully Kuato and her ilk will understand why it is secularism which is the future for Britain and indeed the world. As much as Christians like herself are concerned about the rise of Islam, secularists are concerned with the role of religion in society as a whole. Christianity is not a matter for politics, law, medicine or any other public concern.

Other matters which concern Kuato and her merry band of blood cult followers revolves around homosexuality. It just had to didn't it?

"Due to the recent increase in equality legislation there has been a profound shift in UK law, resulting in homosexuality being given increasing protection as a ‘right’. Unfortunately this has led to serious consequences for Christians."


"Sexual orientation is being given increasing protection under equality legislation."

How dare people be treated fairly under the law regardless of their sexual orientation! It's a sin I tells ya! Glad to have people like Kuato tell us about this "increase in equality legislation"

What Christian Concern wants is equality, but only for their own views. They want equality under the law to have the right to judge homosexuality but deny equality for homosexuals to be able to express their "sexuality
as a right". They cannot have it both ways.

"Although both religious belief and homosexuality are protected to some extent under equality law, these two strands are often incompatible with one another. The law is unbalanced in this area, first within the legislation and then worsened in judicial interpretation, favouring the protection of sexual orientation over the protection of religious belief""

Strange reasoning. Sexual orientation is natural whereas religious belief is a choice. While it is true some people may choose to partake in homosexual activity it is a fact that no-one is born with religious belief.

Therefore homosexuals deserve protections under the law over and above religious thought.

Which brings me to my final point really...

Anyone ever have homosexuals knocking on their door preaching about the benefits of such a lifestyle or say that you are evil/going to hell if you don't sign up?

Nah, didn't think so...

Next time you read a story about militant atheists/homosexuals/pro-choice advocates or general noisy secularism just remember that for centuries religion has been less than quiet and reasonable in the enforcement of its belief system.

Christian Concern is one of those fronts which wants to have it all their own way. And they still want everyone to believe what they believe. Don't think for second that they don't.


Anonymous said...

Had a quick look at the Christian Concern website.........yep the usual hypocritical lazy thinking you would expect from their brigade. The ‘We serve an incredible god’ statement takes the biscuit!!!
Keep up the good work!

vjohn82 said...

Yep.. the usual crap!

Thanks for your comment, kind words and support!

Rant In A-Minor said...

"Anyone ever have homosexuals knocking on their door preaching about the benefits of such a lifestyle or say that you are evil/going to hell if you don't sign up?"

I'm loving that idea ... it's tempting to ask christians if they've heared the good news about bum sex ;)