Friday, 14 September 2012

This is the end...

...but the beginning of something else.

I have decided, with a heavy heart, to abandon all of my activities in the skeptic and Atheist communities with immediate effect.

I find great comfort that there is a new generation of writers and people willing to get stuck into the increasing tide of pious nonsense that the world is confronted with. However, I don't think that this blog serves the purposes I originally set out to achieve. In fact, it only reminds of probably how far I have failed to see the bigger picture.

The real fight against the injustice of religion being given such a lofty status in our social discourse is taking place in demonstrations in the real world. Blogs can only serve a certain purpose; after a while, they become as decadent and self serving as the religious hierarchies they seek to dissemble or shake up. I'm not the first to notice that, after a while, there are people who only seek to further their own profile.

I, for one, distrust those who like to talk about themselves in the third person on their own blogs. It's creepy, a little sad and I'm simply tired of it. There are also those who refuse to see an argument from another side and it's their way or the highway. People are just taking themselves too seriously and I'm simply wary of falling into a similar trap.

So this blog will no longer be updated. The articles will remain as I am proud of how I wrote them. In time I imagine that this will be culled along with any other blogs that fall into "disrepair". I guess that by keeping this here it gives me some sort of gentle reassurance that it was not all in vain.

I have so many other interests that I am deciding to dedicate my life to. I have a family, a new career in the health profession and my Strongman lifting 'career' which I hope to be successful in.

Thank you to all readers who have stopped by this blog and commented either on here or in emails. I have enjoyed conversing with you all.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh. so sad. But on to a fresh new shiny blog! :) :) :)
(this will remain HERE though, right? in case I want to come back and “pin”?) To see more info please visit :)

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